SMI Series Inverter

Monocrystalline solar panels

330w single crystal

◆ Positive power tolerance

0~+5W positive tolerance output power guarantee

◆ High conversion efficiency

The highest conversion efficiency reaches 17.80%

◆ Excellent low light power generation performance

Excellent power output performance under low light conditions such as early morning, evening and rainy days

◆ Anti-PID

Using anti-PID battery technology and component packaging technology, suitable for installation in high temperature and high humidity areas

◆ Adapt to harsh environments

Has excellent resistance to salt spray and ammonia corrosion, suitable for working in harsh environments such as seaside and farms

◆ Super frame, excellent carrying capacity

Good pressure resistance, can withstand wind pressure of 2400pa and snow pressure of 5400pa


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WVC-300  (433Mhz) WVC-300 (433Mhz) ◆Maximum output power: 1400W
◆Input Voltage: 22-60V
◆Output current: 2.5A/1.3A
◆Output voltage:110/230V auto switch
◆Output frequency: 50/60Hz
★MPPT efficiency: 99.5%
★Maximum output efficiency: 95%
★Power factor: >95%
★Communication mode: 433Mhz
★Monitoring System: APP
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Monocrystalline Silicon Panels Monocrystalline Silicon Panels Maximum input power: 2*350W
Output voltage: 120V/240V
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2 in 1

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