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Dongguan Kaideng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-technology enterprise which concentrates on the research and development, design and production of all kinds of solar/wind energy on/off-grid micro inverters and switching power supplies. Kaideng devotes to providing high quality, high usability, and low-cost products for the users to meet their demands of maximization and diversity. 


All products of Kaideng have full autonomy intellectual property and tens of core technology patents. We are one of the technically leading manufacturers of micro-inverter in the world and the first to put forward and apply a number of innovative technologies in the industry. With the change of each passing day of the new century, Kaideng will put more enthusiasm to contribute to a new energy technology applications and create a green earth.

Kaideng Energy has more than ten core technology patents such as the fourth-generation photovoltaic power generation technology and the second-generation photovoltaic charging, and combines German technology to create products that belong to the Chinese. Products and services are sold all over the world. Kaideng Energy Group was awarded the title of "National High-tech Enterprise" by the state in 2013.

As a leading enterprise in the research and development of basic photovoltaic power generation technology, Kaideng people have accumulated enthusiasm, steadfast eyes, and strides forward. Under the background of the era when traditional energy is gradually depleted, they write "new energy, new era, new life". Beautiful music!

Management philosophy: Grow together and share achievements Quality policy: Breakthrough zero defects in products, with a quality pass rate of over 98. The company implements five concepts: quality concept, cost concept, time concept, efficiency concept, and reputation concept. These are the necessary codes of conduct for every employee and the basis for the company's sustainable development.

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