700w High Efficiency Solar System Micro Inverter

The fifth generation WVC series communication products of KaiDeng Energy adopt waterproof flow line design, which can provide better heat dissipation function for the equipment. The built-in maximum power point tracking engine (MPPT) can better capture changes in lighting, and it can work even in rainy weather. It can maximize the capture and collection of sunlight. The inverter is compatible with a variety of conventional solar panels with an open circuit voltage of 22~60V, and the panel can exert its best performance through technical means.
The power output mode of KaiDeng Micro-Inverter is reverse transmission technology, which supplies power to the load first, and then uploads the excess power to the local power grid. Its conversion efficiency is as high as 95%. The product has multiple national invention and appearance patents , And has CE, CEC, INMETOR and other regional and national product certification.
The inverter is equipped with 433MHz communication function as standard, and can communicate with our data collector (optional), and the data collector only needs to be connected to a wireless router to obtain various real-time data in the power station and upload it To the cloud server. Users only need to install our power station management application on their mobile phones to easily access various data in the power station and manage the power station.

Grid-connected system

The biggest feature of the photovoltaic grid-connected system is that the DC power generated by the photovoltaic array is converted into AC power that meets the requirements of the commercial power grid through the grid-connected inverter, and then directly connected to the commercial power grid. The power generated by the panel array in the grid-connected system is preferentially supplied to the AC At the load side, excess power is fed back to the grid. On rainy days or nights, when the photovoltaic array does not generate electrical energy or the generated electrical energy cannot meet the load demand, it is powered by the grid.
Because the electric energy is directly input into the power grid, the configuration of the storage battery is eliminated, the process of storage and release of the storage battery is eliminated, and the power generated by the PV square array can be fully utilized to reduce the energy loss and reduce the cost of the system. However, a dedicated grid-connected inverter is required in the system to ensure that the output power meets the requirements of the grid power for voltage, frequency and other indicators. Because of the inverter efficiency, there will still be some energy loss. Such systems are usually able to use the mains and solar photovoltaic arrays in parallel as the source of local AC loads. Reduce the load power shortage rate of the entire system. And the grid-connected PV system can play a peak-shaving effect on the public power grid.
In response to the characteristics of the grid-connected system, Kaideng Energy has developed the first generation of micro-grid inverters as early as 2008, specifically for the recycling of electrical energy of various profit and loss. Provides a preliminary route for our product development and design direction, and overcomes a series of technical problems on the grid-connected system. Until now the fifth generation WVC series R3 version of the inverter.

Application field

1. Family field: Solve civil life electricity, such as lighting, TV, radio, etc.;
2. Transportation field: traffic signal lights, street lights, high-altitude obstacle lights, highway/railway wireless telephone booths, unattended power supply, etc.;
3. Communication field: microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, etc.;
5. Agricultural field: such as constant temperature greenhouse cultivation, aquaculture, animal husbandry, etc.;
4. Environmental field: meteorological, astronomical observation equipment, etc., marine detection equipment, meteorological/hydrological observation equipment, etc.;
7. Commercial field: combining solar power generation with building materials for large-scale buildings to achieve electricity self-sufficiency;
6. Industrial field: 10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power station, various large parking plant charging piles, etc

Project cases

Kaideng Energy provides free end-users with design guidelines and construction guidelines for free. For example, users need to install photovoltaic systems on the roof of the building:
Types of brackets, choice of solar components, angle of component installation, heat dissipation and cooling of the system, waterproof and beautification of the roof, daily maintenance and convenience of the system, system expansion, load-bearing level, wind resistance level, earthquake resistance level, system accessories Whether it is safe to recycle and so on.
Can this inverter be connected to a battery?No, it is a grid-connected inverter and must be connected to the power grid.Can it be directly used to power the appliance?No, it cannot directly supply electrical appliances, it needs to be connected to the grid first.Why does its indicator light keep flashing?This is because they are searching for the maximum MPPT, and after locking, it will always be green.Can it be used with other grid-connected inverters?You can connect its AC output to the switch together.Are they waterproof?Yes, they are IP65-rated waterproof, but we do not recommend installing them directly in the open air, it is best to install a roof or install them under solar panels.What about the lead time?Small batch orders are shipped within 7 days, and large batch orders need to be negotiated.Do you have any MOQ limit ?We don't have a request on MOQ.How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?For small batch purchases, we usually use courier companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT for delivery. It takes about 7-15 days. For bulk purchases, we usually use sea transportation, which takes about 30-45 days.Is it OK to print my logo on products?Yes. We can provide this service when purchasing more than 200 units. Please send us related designs in advance to confirm the design.Do you offer guarantee for products?Yes, we offer 5 years.


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