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Grid-connected smart micro inverter

  • Product output power has the widest power range in the industry (350~1400W)

  • Compatible with voltage range 110V-240v in multiple regions, dynamic adjustment frequency value 48-61Hz

  • Safety mechanism: overload protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, support hot plug

  • Built-in fifth-generation high-efficiency MPPT low-light capture engine, even in rainy weather also has working conditions

  • Docking with a rich cloud monitoring platform and a dual-channel communication module to ensure that data communication is not interfered

  • The first IOT Internet of Things monitoring mode, point-to-point communication function


Stable performance

The built-in temperature press function is stable, and the operating temperature range is –40°C to +80°C. Integrated self-calibration The circuit realizes dynamic voltage adjustment, which can eliminate the defects of external circuits and adapt to changes in external conditions.


Highly integrated

The new generation design no longer needs filters, and the power management module is integrated. Realize powerful processing performance and reliable safety performance.


Super height conversion

WVC series micro-inverters are specially designed for grid-connected photovoltaic power stations to achieve Internet of Things applications. Compared with the same industry Type products have high conversion and low loss performance, including fine power saving mode and dynamic voltage adjustment.


Wi-Fi solution

Built-in dual-touch block ultra-long-distance communication module, through the collector or cloud data backup and remote monitoring functions.

Grid-connected mode


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