Real estate building photovoltaic power generation program

Household flat-top photovoltaic grid-connected power generation systems are installed on residential roofs. Photovoltaic power generation systems designed for flat roofs or flat roofs can be used for all generations, all for self-use, or self-generated surplus electricity.


product features< /strong>

· Power generation system specially designed for home

· Spontaneous use, surplus electricity online, enjoy state subsidies

· Modular installation, fast and convenient

· Crystalline silicon products, beautiful and generous

· Raise environmental awareness and increase the quality of life

Application range< /strong>

· The installed capacity is generally 3~10kW.

· The application scenarios of this solution can be urban high-rise, multi-storey residences, multi-family, single-family villas, rural residences, etc.

· Photovoltaic power stations with 220V voltage level connected to the public grid or user grid.




System structure diagram

Home Photovoltaic Power Generation


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